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Green World is a traditional group of companies that engaged in scientific research and development, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals,herbal medicine and herbal cosmetics of a complete system-oriented nature.
The company headquarters in Michigan(United States Of America) has its manufacturing facilities in south Carolina .

The company equally has new health products manufacturing facility and a Traditional Chinese Medical(TCM) Center in Tiangin, China. With the formation of world (Tianjin) Nutrition and Health Products Company Limited in 2004,green world has extended its businesses to medical-equipment,herb cultivation,international trade investment and capital operations as well as advertisement. It is well-organized organization with over 50 subsidiary companies span over the world and run by highly professional management team and eight scientific research institutes and centers both in the United States of America and China.

The company also has six research centers namely Bioenginering Research Centre, Micro-biological Research Centre, Oncology Research centre,Acute immunity Defficiency Syndrome Research Center,Nutrition Researh Centre. Green World has become a household name all over America, South East Asia, Europe, and Africa as well as in the China market with over 1000 Products in five line-ups namely, health supplements, beauty products, personal health product,home care and living products among others.

The Green World health products have been extensively utilized for the treatment of multiple diseases since their introduction. Their application has been extended to about 120 diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, rickets, cardiac diseases, hyperlipemia, dermatitis, sexual malfunction, and arthritis. Testimonies and reports have shown that the effectiveness of the products are satisfactory.

Green World has won several awards, both local and international:

1. Gold Medal from the USA New York Joint Conference of World Inventors, Businessmen and Investors.
2. Gold Medal from the Fair of International Peace Week and China Preventive Medicine and Health Technology.
3. Voted the most Favorite Product by Women and Children
4. Awarded the Contribution Award of International Peace Week
5. Gold Medal from the Technical and Patent Products Fair of China Science and Technology, just to mention but a few.

Green World Vision
Green World is to maintain among the mainstay forces around the world by providing exciting, leading-edge concepts on the basis of all natural resources for the optimization of human health.

Green World Mission
It is Green World's mission to develop and produce the products that cater for the needs of our customers,delight them as improve their well-being and the quality of their life.


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